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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fresno Greek Festival ~ August 22, 2008

Pleasant Patio Dining

Here a few photos from the annual Greek Festival held on the grounds of the St. George Greek Orthodox Church in the nearby city of Fresno.

There were drinks available in the form of beer, mixed drinks and soft drinks. Also Greek and regular coffee to have with your dessert.

Beer & Wine Booth

Fancy Bar Booth featuring Greek Ouzo

View of the crowd and booths from the fancy bar area

In the photo below you can see where you can visit when you drink too much and nature calls. The festival organizers went all out for their guest's comfort. This is the first time I have seen actual "his" and "hers" porta potties at a local event. The blue ones were for men to use, the tan colored ones were for women.

Potter's Potties ~ both men's and women's

Along with the drinks there was delicious food available. You could buy the complete dinner plate for $15 or you could purchase items a la carte. Here's a photo of the dinner line inside the multi purpose room of the church.

Traditional Greek dishes attracted a crowd of hungry people

Outside you could buy smaller plates of food or single items at the many food booths on the grounds. A new item this year was Greek Feta Fries.

Food Booths

Food Booth Signs

There were many places to sit and dine in comfort. They had chairs and tables available both in the front of the festival as shown below on the patio, and also in the back by the musicians and the dancers.

Front Patio Dining Area

There were many Greek desserts to indulge in after our dinner. Below you see the traditional Greek cookies called Koulourakia, but we also sampled some Baklava and Loukomades, both dripping with honey sweetness.

There was shopping! Lots of goods from Greece and also things made here in the US by Greeks who live here.

Vendor Booths

Beautiful & Functional Ceramic Art

Greek Religious Icons & Monastery Honey for sale

Carefully working the register

Fancy Jewelry and Baubles

Greek Fisherman's Cap & World's Greatest "Grandpa" Cap

The Greek Nuns had many wonderful handmade products for sale. Wonderful multi grain fresh breads and jams. They had hand dipped beeswax candles, lovely soaps, oils and lotions. Visiting with the nuns was very pleasant and informative.

Handmade Products

Greek music both traditional and modern blared from the large speakers in the dancing area in back of the festival. Dressed in traditional Greek garb, Kopi Sotiropulos, weatherman for channel 26 in Fresno was m/c and general entertainer. Here he is instructing the crowd in Greek dancing. He's the one in the white skirt.

Go Kopi!

Dancers in fancy costumes entertained us with their intricate footwork.

Costumed Dancers in a circle

We had a wonderful time and will be back next year!

The Fresno Greek Festival is held in August of each year. For more information about it please visit the Fresno GreekFest Website.

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