Monday, December 15, 2008

Boy Scout Christmas Trees

If you celebrate Christmas, it's time to get your Christmas tree up and decorated.

If you want a real as opposed to artificial pine tree, I suggest you shop locally for your tree at the North Fork Boy Scout Christmas tree sale located right here in downtown North Fork.

The Boy Scout tree sale is located in the North Fork Library parking lot all day on the weekends and after school lets out in the afternoons during the week. The lot opens for the season on the first Saturday in December.

Library Parking Lot Entrance

These trees are very fresh so they last a long time. They are trees that are cut in the process of thinning to maintain healthy forest growing conditions. So when we buy these Christmas trees, not only are we getting a fresh locally grown product and are helping to support the Boy Scouts, but we are also putting trees that would be cut anyway to good use instead of cutting a tree grown specifically as a commercial Christmas tree.

They have quite a selection of trees in all different shapes and sizes:

Since these are trees that grow naturally in the forest, they each have their unique natural personality. They are not pruned and manicured to all look the same. They are all beautifully different. They fit right in with the spirit of our small town North Fork community. Unique and natural.

They are also inexpensive. A 6 foot tree can be purchased for only $15.

So come on down to the library parking lot and select your favorite tree from the many sizes and varieties available.

Here's a nice one...

After you make your selection, the crew of Christmas Tree Elves is on hand to measure your tree and help you take it to your truck or car. Here they stand at the ready:

Christmas Tree Elves ~ some a bit camera shy...

After tree selection and measurement are complete, this nice man will gladly accept your money and give you a receipt:

Then you can load the tree, or trees, into your vehicle and drive home happily anticipating the decorating process.

We did just that a couple of Sundays ago. We each bought a tree, loaded all 3 of them into our truck and drove home merrily.

The visit to our local Christmas tree lot was pleasant, easy and fun. No long drives, no traffic, no huge crowds. And we felt good knowing we were shopping locally, supporting our local Boy Scouts and also helping to maintain the health of our precious forests.

You really should go check them out and buy a tree!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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