Tuesday, May 27, 2008

About North Fork News Blog

Rainy Day in the Forest

Just a reminder for our newer readers or for those that are new to blogging in general, that this is a personal blog written by 3 individuals, is not sponsored or funded by any community organization, and that has story topics of our own interest and sometimes local community interest.

This foundation was laid out in our very first post on March 1, 2008 and is also stated in our overall blog description in the header at the top of every page, "Unsubstantiated news, happenings & events, with maybe a little gossip and a few opinions thrown in for entertainment, about our beautifully rural small town community of North Fork, California."

Basically, we write about whatever interests us at the moment.

Each blog post has topic labels attached to it that are reflected in the Blog Post Topics list in the right sidebar on each page. Clicking a topic label will bring up all those posts with that topic included, conveniently grouped for your reading pleasure.

Also you should know that only the 7 most recent blog posts are shown in full on the front page. To see and read older posts, you must go to the lower right sidebar, click on the arrow for the month you want, and then click the individual post titles to bring those posts up on the screen.

Thanks for visiting!

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Hardware Bob said...

Good, clean, clarification.

Craig said...

Interesting seeing current news about North Fork.
I was a teacher at North Fork Elementary School in 1956 & 1957.
Craig Thompson