Monday, December 15, 2008

Boy Scout Christmas Trees

If you celebrate Christmas, it's time to get your Christmas tree up and decorated.

If you want a real as opposed to artificial pine tree, I suggest you shop locally for your tree at the North Fork Boy Scout Christmas tree sale located right here in downtown North Fork.

The Boy Scout tree sale is located in the North Fork Library parking lot all day on the weekends and after school lets out in the afternoons during the week. The lot opens for the season on the first Saturday in December.

Library Parking Lot Entrance

These trees are very fresh so they last a long time. They are trees that are cut in the process of thinning to maintain healthy forest growing conditions. So when we buy these Christmas trees, not only are we getting a fresh locally grown product and are helping to support the Boy Scouts, but we are also putting trees that would be cut anyway to good use instead of cutting a tree grown specifically as a commercial Christmas tree.

They have quite a selection of trees in all different shapes and sizes:

Since these are trees that grow naturally in the forest, they each have their unique natural personality. They are not pruned and manicured to all look the same. They are all beautifully different. They fit right in with the spirit of our small town North Fork community. Unique and natural.

They are also inexpensive. A 6 foot tree can be purchased for only $15.

So come on down to the library parking lot and select your favorite tree from the many sizes and varieties available.

Here's a nice one...

After you make your selection, the crew of Christmas Tree Elves is on hand to measure your tree and help you take it to your truck or car. Here they stand at the ready:

Christmas Tree Elves ~ some a bit camera shy...

After tree selection and measurement are complete, this nice man will gladly accept your money and give you a receipt:

Then you can load the tree, or trees, into your vehicle and drive home happily anticipating the decorating process.

We did just that a couple of Sundays ago. We each bought a tree, loaded all 3 of them into our truck and drove home merrily.

The visit to our local Christmas tree lot was pleasant, easy and fun. No long drives, no traffic, no huge crowds. And we felt good knowing we were shopping locally, supporting our local Boy Scouts and also helping to maintain the health of our precious forests.

You really should go check them out and buy a tree!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

NF Market Logging Heritage Mural

Logging Heritage Mural on NF Market

This is a very belated posting with only "so-so" photos about the beautiful mural that was painted on the side wall of our North Fork Supermarket this past summer. I've seen better photos of this mural around, but I snapped the one above just to give you the idea of what it looks like from a distance. Hopefully my inadequate photography will encourage you to go down to NF Market and take a look at the mural in person. The photo really does not do it justice.

The mural project was the vision and under the direction of our own "Joan of Art". She and many, many community members worked tirelessly to complete this mural by the 4th of July holiday and Logger's Jamboree weekend.

Not only were many local artists involved, but also other members of the community who donated supplies and equipment.

Toward the left side of the mural picture there is a "plaque" dedicating this mural to "all who worked in the lumber mill" for the 50 years it was in operation:

Dedication Plaque ~ Click the photo to enlarge it

All along the bottom of the mural are trees that were painted by North Fork folks and each tree is labeled with the artist's name or family name. This is such a creative idea to get more people involved! I love it. Here is a small portion of the tree line close up:

Named Trees

I think the cutest part of the whole mural is how they handled the existing "utility cover box" that juts out from the wall right in the middle of the mural space. You can see it with its lid open in the photo at the top of this post. Here's a close up view showing that the artist turned the ugly utility box into their rendition of a forest fire lookout tower. I think that is just totally creative.

Barbara's Lookout "Tower"

So please forgive my so-so photos and my belated and abbreviated version of this mural's story, and go out there and view the mural for yourself. Remember to stop into North Fork Market and tell them how much you like the mural on their side wall.

It is my understanding that more community murals are in the works. Maybe you will be part of the next town mural project.

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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Squirrel Cage Theatre Fall Show ~ Nov 14 & 15

"Showdown at the Rainbow Ranch"

From the Squirrel Cage Theatre website:

2008 FALL SHOW: Showdown at the Rainbow Ranch
An original musical melodrama by local author/composer Joan LeGro Bushnell and her partner Charles H. Randall.

Showdown at the Rainbow Ranch, set in the old west of 1898, combines action with romance when dashing young Matthew Merriweather, Wild West Show hero falls head over spurs in love with spirited young Rainbow Heatherton, heir to the Rainbow Ranch. Woven throughout a series of mysterious disappearances and hidden identities are Bushnell’s toe tapping tunes and haunting countermelodies.

If you enjoyed last year’s Shake Up at Sugarpine, you’ll want to hop on board for Showdown at the Rainbow Ranch!

Friday/Saturday, November 7/8,14/15 - Showdown at the Rainbow Ranch, North Fork Town Hall , Doors open 5:30pm, Dinner 6-7pm, Show 7pm. Adults $10, Children under 12 $5, Family $25

Please call to reserve seats for parties of 10 or more, Info: 877-2129

We attended the show this past Saturday night, November 8th and sat with family and friends at a reserved "table for 10" right up front. The view was wonderful. The food that night was a spicy (but not too spicy) homemade chili with beans, cornbread & salad. Desserts were available for $1. Wonderful pies, cakes and cheesecakes (my favorite!). A full bar was ready to serve you the spirit or soft drink of your choice. The usual coffee and tea were included with the price of dinner.

The music and acting were superb. The melodrama was interesting and funny. The audience was encouraged to boo, hiss, cheer and applaud in all the right places.

The play included some creative special effects such as the romantic heart-shaped red spotlight during a love song between the play's two young lovers.

"Rainbow" & "Matt" sing their love to each other

In addition to the play, we were treated to several other creative performances.

To warm up the audience, the show's emcee, Dave, and his singing partner for the evening, Cassidy, a young woman with a beautiful & clear voice, lead us in song.

Dave and Cassidy sing

Frank, a local masterful story teller, kept us hanging on every word as he told a suspenseful "tall tale" about a guy who just wanted to go fishing, but instead ended up having a great adventure that day.

A returning local favorite was the performance by The Whistlers as shown below:

The Dancing Whistlers ~ a sight to behold!

If you haven't yet seen this year's Fall Show you still have a chance to attend. It is playing next Friday and Saturday evenings, November 14th & 15th at Town Hall. Doors open at 5:30.

See the Squirrel Cage Website for more info or call 877-2129. Don't miss it!

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Friday, October 17, 2008

North Fork Fall Festival ~ October 4, 2008

Rainy Day Festival Booths

The North Fork Fall Festival happens yearly on the first Saturday in October. It occurs on the same day as the Grizzly Century Bike Ride here in our mountain community. Fall Festival activities include the Women's Club Crafts Fair & Yard Sale, the Fine Arts Show, the Forest Service Employees Association Dinner, the Sierra Mono Museum open house, the History Group display and the Antique Engine display.

This year the weather did not cooperate with us, as it poured down rain most of the day, so many of these usual events did not take place. However, due to the hearty spirit of the Women's Club and a few of the planned vendors, the Crafts Fair & Yard Sale did go on as scheduled.

Attendence was very low. Only 4 of the 32 signed up booth vendors decided to brave the rain and mud to set up their tents. The customer crowds were also thin this year compared to years past.

I myself decided not to set up my booth in the rain, but I did stay awhile to shop and take a few photos to share with you on this NF News Blog.

Here are a few scenes from the 2008 North Fork Fall Festival Crafts Fair:

Women's Club Booth

Handmade hats, gloves, potholders etc

Other useful handmade items for sale

Women's Club Nut Breads ~ looked delicious

More delicous baked goods for sale ~ popcorn too!

Daffodil Bulb Gift Packs ~ offered by the Women's Club

The Indian Taco booth was more popular than this photo shows

Three yard sale vendors braved the rain, cold and mud to set up and sell their wares:

Largest Yard Sale tent ~ nice selection of household goods

The vendor shown in the above photo had two big trucks and a trailer to haul in all of their items.

A smaller selection of items, but still just as hearty!

Some unique items could be found at this yard sale booth. See photo below:

Beautiful gourd art, antique iron and useful apple peeler

It was a smaller turnout than usual due to the rainy cold day, but still some bargains could be found. Everyone had fun shopping and visiting. A nice way to spend a rainy day in a quaint setting.

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Thursday, September 11, 2008


About this Photo

Today is the 7th anniversary of 9/11.

Remember.....and work for peace.

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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fresno Greek Festival ~ August 22, 2008

Pleasant Patio Dining

Here a few photos from the annual Greek Festival held on the grounds of the St. George Greek Orthodox Church in the nearby city of Fresno.

There were drinks available in the form of beer, mixed drinks and soft drinks. Also Greek and regular coffee to have with your dessert.

Beer & Wine Booth

Fancy Bar Booth featuring Greek Ouzo

View of the crowd and booths from the fancy bar area

In the photo below you can see where you can visit when you drink too much and nature calls. The festival organizers went all out for their guest's comfort. This is the first time I have seen actual "his" and "hers" porta potties at a local event. The blue ones were for men to use, the tan colored ones were for women.

Potter's Potties ~ both men's and women's

Along with the drinks there was delicious food available. You could buy the complete dinner plate for $15 or you could purchase items a la carte. Here's a photo of the dinner line inside the multi purpose room of the church.

Traditional Greek dishes attracted a crowd of hungry people

Outside you could buy smaller plates of food or single items at the many food booths on the grounds. A new item this year was Greek Feta Fries.

Food Booths

Food Booth Signs

There were many places to sit and dine in comfort. They had chairs and tables available both in the front of the festival as shown below on the patio, and also in the back by the musicians and the dancers.

Front Patio Dining Area

There were many Greek desserts to indulge in after our dinner. Below you see the traditional Greek cookies called Koulourakia, but we also sampled some Baklava and Loukomades, both dripping with honey sweetness.

There was shopping! Lots of goods from Greece and also things made here in the US by Greeks who live here.

Vendor Booths

Beautiful & Functional Ceramic Art

Greek Religious Icons & Monastery Honey for sale

Carefully working the register

Fancy Jewelry and Baubles

Greek Fisherman's Cap & World's Greatest "Grandpa" Cap

The Greek Nuns had many wonderful handmade products for sale. Wonderful multi grain fresh breads and jams. They had hand dipped beeswax candles, lovely soaps, oils and lotions. Visiting with the nuns was very pleasant and informative.

Handmade Products

Greek music both traditional and modern blared from the large speakers in the dancing area in back of the festival. Dressed in traditional Greek garb, Kopi Sotiropulos, weatherman for channel 26 in Fresno was m/c and general entertainer. Here he is instructing the crowd in Greek dancing. He's the one in the white skirt.

Go Kopi!

Dancers in fancy costumes entertained us with their intricate footwork.

Costumed Dancers in a circle

We had a wonderful time and will be back next year!

The Fresno Greek Festival is held in August of each year. For more information about it please visit the Fresno GreekFest Website.

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Monday, August 18, 2008

North Fork Mountain Classic Car Show ~ August 9th

A Real Beauty!

Some scenes from the 2008 North Fork Mountain Classic Car Show and pancake breakfast held at the North Fork Recreation Center.

First the outdoor breakfast on a nice sunny Saturday morning:

Expert Pancake Cooks

More Delicious Pancakes

Organized Breakfast Crew

Breakfast Seating

Then the classic vehicles of many types:

Classic Motorcycles

More Classic Bikes

Flashy Boats

With Original Names, or not...

Many, many cars & trucks:

A pleasant morning spent outdoors.

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