Friday, October 17, 2008

North Fork Fall Festival ~ October 4, 2008

Rainy Day Festival Booths

The North Fork Fall Festival happens yearly on the first Saturday in October. It occurs on the same day as the Grizzly Century Bike Ride here in our mountain community. Fall Festival activities include the Women's Club Crafts Fair & Yard Sale, the Fine Arts Show, the Forest Service Employees Association Dinner, the Sierra Mono Museum open house, the History Group display and the Antique Engine display.

This year the weather did not cooperate with us, as it poured down rain most of the day, so many of these usual events did not take place. However, due to the hearty spirit of the Women's Club and a few of the planned vendors, the Crafts Fair & Yard Sale did go on as scheduled.

Attendence was very low. Only 4 of the 32 signed up booth vendors decided to brave the rain and mud to set up their tents. The customer crowds were also thin this year compared to years past.

I myself decided not to set up my booth in the rain, but I did stay awhile to shop and take a few photos to share with you on this NF News Blog.

Here are a few scenes from the 2008 North Fork Fall Festival Crafts Fair:

Women's Club Booth

Handmade hats, gloves, potholders etc

Other useful handmade items for sale

Women's Club Nut Breads ~ looked delicious

More delicous baked goods for sale ~ popcorn too!

Daffodil Bulb Gift Packs ~ offered by the Women's Club

The Indian Taco booth was more popular than this photo shows

Three yard sale vendors braved the rain, cold and mud to set up and sell their wares:

Largest Yard Sale tent ~ nice selection of household goods

The vendor shown in the above photo had two big trucks and a trailer to haul in all of their items.

A smaller selection of items, but still just as hearty!

Some unique items could be found at this yard sale booth. See photo below:

Beautiful gourd art, antique iron and useful apple peeler

It was a smaller turnout than usual due to the rainy cold day, but still some bargains could be found. Everyone had fun shopping and visiting. A nice way to spend a rainy day in a quaint setting.

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