Sunday, March 15, 2009

Winter in North Fork

Remember that Christmas Tree from the last blog post?

Well now that the weather is warming up a bit and Spring is fast approaching, I thought it would be a good time to share some of our winter weather photos with you. These were all taken in North Fork during the snow fall of February 12-14th. On Friday February 13th alone, we experienced an unusually large amount of snow falling in a very short period of time. About 1 foot of snow fell in just 3 hours at my home's elevation of 3100 ft. I am sure that the higher elevations got even more than that.

Here are a few scenes of Winter in North Fork:

First some views of downtown North Fork on Main Street. Elevation approximately 2600 ft.

Just as the snow is beginning to stick to the street downtown

Coming down a little harder now ~ Buckhorn Saloon lights

The snow view of Sierra Video from North Fork Hardware

Near the downtown area but up just a little higher in elevation is this view that looks like powdered sugar sprinkled over all the trees in the valley.

View looking toward Cascadel and Whiskey Ridge area

Steep and Deep Driveway

A little higher we go now to about 3000 ft elevation. Just look at the snow piled up on that deck railing!

Deck Covered in Snow ~ Another Christmas Tree too

Nature is always beautiful here in the mountain area, but when it snows it can be incredible.

Colorful Little Daffodils Braving the Snow and Ice

Blue Sky Peaking Through the Clouds

Sun Glistening on the Snow Covered Evergreens

More Sun Breaking through the Clouds onto the Snow Covered Scene

We usually do get a few snow days here in North Fork every winter. Usually only a few inches of snowfall that melts in a day or two. Just enough to be beautiful and keep life interesting. Sometimes, however, we can get quite a bit of snow that sticks around for a week or more. These next two photos show how much and how fast we can get snow on occasion.

My driveway at 8:30am just as it is beginning to snow

Same driveway view approximately 3 hours later! One foot in 3 hours!

Winter in the mountains can be a beautiful adventure. Some days it pays to just stay home and sit by the warm fire in the good old wood stove. There was no way I was going to drive my car out of there anyway.

Wood stove heat warms the house and the heart
Stay warm for the rest of the winter. Spring arrives officially 5 days from now on March 20th. I wonder if Mother Nature reads the calendar.

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