Friday, April 25, 2008

New Life In North Fork......Continued

The weather and Springtime has not been cooperating at all this year. It has been miserably cold and unpredictable for us humans for weeks, but still our resident returning sparrows have braved the weather, and have been very busy transporting nest building materials to the nest site. Look closely and you can see two long wing feathers as Mom is tidying up the nesting area.

This year the neighbors and I decided to help out our industrious sparrows, note the mound of nest building material consisting of lint, tiny sticks, fluff, and, string hanging from the red bud tree.

At first the wary sparrows were more cautious than thankful for the scary cocoon looking mound of nest material as it tumbled and twisted in the wind. The sparrows soon discovered, however, that the odd looking cocoon was a much easier way to obtain building materials than darting all over town.

As attested by Dad sparrows mouth full of fluff, our offered up cocoon appears to be a very successful helpful hand.

Here is Father sparrow on the constant look out for danger as Mom is arranging the nest to suit her fancy.

Even Moms need to take a rest occasionally..............

Stay tuned for more reports on our returning sparrow family.

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Farmer Jen said...

Beautiful photos! How did you get those birds to pose for you like that?

Hardware Bob said...

It took a lot of patience and coaxing birdseed. Everyone in town was looking at me like I was a crazy man taking so many photos of a redbud tree. They had no idea there was actually birdies up on the limbs.

I actually have a very special magic camera, just push the button and it's a miracle. Thanks for the compliment.