Friday, May 16, 2008

Recent arrival at an intersection near you!

New Signpost at intersection of Rd 274 & 225

Over two years of collaboration and development between the North Fork Chamber of Commerce, Ponderosa Telephone Co, the Sierra Mono Museum, the Grizzly Century Bike Ride committee and the USFS produced this beautiful directional signpost that is a true work of art for our community.

The 14 foot tall statue is carved from a huge ponderosa pine log by master carver Giovanni Dalpogetto from the Coarsegold Carving Station. The original design was created by Lynne Wells of L&E Engraving. It depicts a majestic eagle, a Native American woman holding a gathering basket with a coyote standing next to her. All are symbols of our community's cultural roots.

Hanging from the "tree limbs" are signs showing the direction of local points of interest.

The signpost was installed at the intersection of Roads 274 and 225 in North Fork this past Monday May 12th. It was a true team effort!

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Anonymous said...

I have sent this column to several Oakhurst friends and they are so appreciative of what is going on in our small community. I drove past the monument is so great......a fitting tribute to our town. Loretta

Hardware Bob said...

Very nice posting, to the point, giving credit to everyone involved. Not too much fluff, not too short,the story was absolutely perfect.

I have heard many favorable comments regarding the new monument, and it's good that you have told the community and the world all about it.

Your writing style is fabulous, you make us proud to be North Forkers .

The monument is definitely an eye catcher and visitors will remember North Fork.