Saturday, June 28, 2008

Did you feel it?

Earthquake Epicenter at "Tom's Place" near Mammoth Lakes, CA
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Did you feel the earthquake that shook North Fork this morning at about 7:45 am? It was a mild one, only magnitude 4.3 on the Richter scale, but still quite noticeable here in the Mountain Area. The epicenter was located at "Tom's Place" near Mammoth Lakes. The map above shows the regions (by zip code) that reported having felt the shaking.

I felt two distinct quick shakes and rattles in the quiet of my home here at about 3000 ft elevation. Each shake only lasted about 3 seconds. Not the long scary rolling kind of feeling that I had experienced so many times when living in Southern California or the Bay Area. Nothing fell off of my bookshelves. The lamps did not sway. The animals seemed unconcerned. Even so, I am reminded that Mother Nature is still very powerful and more than occasionally lets us know she is there.

More quake info can be found at THIS LINK.

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Hardware Bob said...

Very informative, good posting, the map was good, didn't notice the quake at all.