Monday, August 18, 2008

North Fork Mountain Classic Car Show ~ August 9th

A Real Beauty!

Some scenes from the 2008 North Fork Mountain Classic Car Show and pancake breakfast held at the North Fork Recreation Center.

First the outdoor breakfast on a nice sunny Saturday morning:

Expert Pancake Cooks

More Delicious Pancakes

Organized Breakfast Crew

Breakfast Seating

Then the classic vehicles of many types:

Classic Motorcycles

More Classic Bikes

Flashy Boats

With Original Names, or not...

Many, many cars & trucks:

A pleasant morning spent outdoors.

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1 comment:

Hardware Bob said...

Great photos, my favorite being the fabulous pancake breakfast organized by the Lions Club. I remember eating far too much, and having seconds.

Lots of very cool 50's and 60's muscle cars, and even older antique collectibles. I counted Many, many hours of restoration time, and being a previous restorer myself I know how proud one feels when the engine first cranks over and roars. There is nothing quite like it.

Of course there were also a few very shiny chrome covered cars and boats with huge overkill engines that might be classified as compensating for something else.

A very nice event that seemed to be attended well.