Sunday, November 23, 2008

NF Market Logging Heritage Mural

Logging Heritage Mural on NF Market

This is a very belated posting with only "so-so" photos about the beautiful mural that was painted on the side wall of our North Fork Supermarket this past summer. I've seen better photos of this mural around, but I snapped the one above just to give you the idea of what it looks like from a distance. Hopefully my inadequate photography will encourage you to go down to NF Market and take a look at the mural in person. The photo really does not do it justice.

The mural project was the vision and under the direction of our own "Joan of Art". She and many, many community members worked tirelessly to complete this mural by the 4th of July holiday and Logger's Jamboree weekend.

Not only were many local artists involved, but also other members of the community who donated supplies and equipment.

Toward the left side of the mural picture there is a "plaque" dedicating this mural to "all who worked in the lumber mill" for the 50 years it was in operation:

Dedication Plaque ~ Click the photo to enlarge it

All along the bottom of the mural are trees that were painted by North Fork folks and each tree is labeled with the artist's name or family name. This is such a creative idea to get more people involved! I love it. Here is a small portion of the tree line close up:

Named Trees

I think the cutest part of the whole mural is how they handled the existing "utility cover box" that juts out from the wall right in the middle of the mural space. You can see it with its lid open in the photo at the top of this post. Here's a close up view showing that the artist turned the ugly utility box into their rendition of a forest fire lookout tower. I think that is just totally creative.

Barbara's Lookout "Tower"

So please forgive my so-so photos and my belated and abbreviated version of this mural's story, and go out there and view the mural for yourself. Remember to stop into North Fork Market and tell them how much you like the mural on their side wall.

It is my understanding that more community murals are in the works. Maybe you will be part of the next town mural project.

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Hardware Bob said...

Fabulous posting, and really not a bad photo of the market's outside wall. It's by far the best that wall has ever looked.

Joan of Art's mural paintings throughout the town are totally changing the complexion of North Fork.

I really cracked up when I saw the lookout tower photo. That was actually the first time I had even noticed the inconspicuous utility box. Yes, totally beyond being very cute.

Good job to everyone that volunteered and lifted a brush.

Farmer Jen said...

Hi Bob,
Thanks for the compliments on my post and my photos. Glad you got to notice the cute lookout tower. I am pretty sure I know who painted that, but I won't mention names here on the web.

Now if we can just stop people from throwing their litter into the top of the utility box...

Jet Pass said...

I came here from a link on HomeSick Texan. I liked the name Farmer Jen hoping it was another food blog but what I found was a much nicer surprise.

I used to live in N.F. I lived there for for nearly 12 years.

I moved away 12 years ago, got married and now live in the Sacramento Area.

I have a love hate relationship with that town. I love the simplicity of the small town way of life, the beautiful scenery and the fresh air. I hated growing up as a teen with little to do, and the fact that I had to travel an hour to get to Fresno state and any thing of real culture (and for Fresno they didn't have much.)I worked in Oakhurst so traveling over the mountain in snow was dangerous and not so much fun at times. But in the summer I'd drive past Bass Lake with my windows down..miss that. But I loved the Golden Chain theater (6 years worth) but icy roads after a late night practice wasn't fun much either.

I call living in N.F. my salad days. I'm so glad those are behind me. But I know for some it's wasn't so hard, so I'm sure their memories aren't so lean.

I'm glad to see people love N.F so much to make a whole blog about it. It does have a charm about it.

p.s. Bob you probably remember my parents and grandfather and even my ex. Roland Carter/Yoakum

p.s. the store looks awesome. Does Jim still own it? I worked for him once upon a time.

Farmer Jen said...

Hi Jet Pass,
Thank you for visitng our blog and for leaving a comment. Always a pleasure to hear from someone who has a connection to North Fork. Thank you also for liking my blog nickname, Farmer Jen. My other blog sometimes has posts about food, but I wouldn't classify it as a food blog. I do love to read the foodie blogs though. Homesick Texan is a favorite since I went to college in Austin and do miss the food.

I'll ask Hardware Bob to comment here about any family/friends past/present of yours that he may know. As well as about the market ownership.