Tuesday, June 8, 2010

North Fork Cares ~ A Baby in Need

Baby Anastina ~ Day 19, weighing 898 grams

Click Here for a Story Update from the Sierra Star article published July 1, 2010

My partner's first grandchild, a girl, Anastina, was born 3 months prematurely this past May 18th in Guam. She urgently needs to be airlifted out of Guam to a higher tech neonatology center than can be found on the island of Guam. There she will receive the proper specialized care that she needs to survive. Her parents have been turned down by two airlines and the US Air Force when they have asked for a special "mercy flight" for the tiny baby. Money is needed for the flight which will cost upwards of $20,000 and also for her urgent and ongoing medical care. Her parents, their families & friends have donated money to help little Anastina, but much more is needed. Government financial aid is also desperately needed, but impossible to get on the island of Guam.

Please watch this news video taped yesterday by our local ABC news station, and pass it along to others. Some of you may have already seen it on last evening's channel 30 ABC news.

North Fork grandfather battles to save his grandchild abc30.com

Also, there is a Facebook group that is open for anyone to join called "Please Help Save My Niece" that gives more info and photos about this tiny baby in need. There is a PayPal fund set up for donations listed there.

Here's the link to the Facebook group. Please check it out and join. If the link doesn't work for some reason, just type the name of the group "Please Help Save My Niece" into the Facebook search box. You can find the group that way.


Thank you, North Fork. Thank you for being a town that cares.

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Hardware Bob said...

I am humbled by all the friends and strangers who want to help this tiny life.

The human drive and generosity to help others is really something to watch in action. I am comforted if just for all the positive wishes and energy focused on my family so far away in Guam.

My thanks to you all.