Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Baby McKee Update

Anastina & Odie

I am happy to report that little Anastina Linkhart McKee, is out of the hospital and back home in Guam with her very happy and grateful Mom & Dad.

Mom Miira with Anastina

Anastina was born 4 months ago and weighs 5lb 6oz now. She is finally graduating from syringe feedings to being bottle fed, which has made her parents very, very happy.

Her family is adjusting to having a very special newborn baby in the house and learning about all of the usual things that go with that adventure. Like lack of sleep and lots of new chores. They definitely are learning to "sleep when the baby sleeps"!

Dad & Baby fast asleep

The family of three has attended church together and ventured out to dinner at a local restaurant now that Anastina has portable oxygen available to make travel easier.

Good times out at the restaurant

Baby Anastina is the granddaughter of Bob McKee (Hardware Bob) and great-granddaughter of Loretta & Bob McKee Sr, all of North Fork.

Again, we thank all of you who have given your support, prayers and well wishes over the past few months since her birth. Your help has truly made a positive difference in her young life.

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