Thursday, April 21, 2011

Anti-Flame Retardant Bill ~ SB147

My family members and I each called every one of the senators listed below today and asked to have our names added to the roster of people who are IN FAVOR of CA Senate Bill 147 (SB147)passing.

I am forwarding this plea (see below) for action to you from chemistry scientist Arlene Blum. Please read it, call the phone numbers and pass it along to any and all of your email/Facebook/Twitter contacts that you feel will care about this issue enough to take positive action.

This issue is very important to me. It is very important for our own health, the health of our kids and our precious pets. Please help get this bill passed by calling any or all of the phone numbers listed below and ask that they pass Senate Bill 147 to stop the requirement for toxic flame retardants in our furniture and household products in California.

You can find out more about scientist Arlene Blum at these websites:,

She has been instrumental in getting legislation passed to remove the toxic fire retardants from our children’s pajama products many years ago. I first heard of her in a Los Angeles Times article about her cat dying of hyperthyroid disease likely due to the toxic flame retardants in her furniture. The flame retardants build up in our blood, and in our kids and pets too, causing long term diseases. I have been on a mission to remove all of the toxic chemicals from my own and my family members' homes ever since I found out about this.

I really want those of us who live in CA to be able to purchase non-toxic furniture for our homes, and right now we can’t do that inside CA. My family recently replaced our living room furniture with special, non-toxic furniture from a wonderful manufacturer in Pennsylvania. Let me know if you want their info.

Thank you so much for calling the numbers below and helping to get SB147 passed. It means a lot to me.

To our health & well being,

Farmer Jen

From: Arlene Blum
Sent: Thursday, April 21, 2011 5:41 AM
To: Arlene Blum
Cc: Ana MascareƱas
Subject: Your calls urgently needed

Dear Friends,

We have reached a critical point in our work for California Senate Bill 147 (SB147) to give consumers an alternative to toxic flame retardants in furniture and baby products. This Monday the bill may die at a hearing of the California Senate Business and Professions Committee (B and P). We urgently need you to call State Senate’s offices this week to express your support for SB 147.

The fate of the bill lies in the hands of the Southern California Senators listed below. They need information and your encouragement to overcome chemical industry money and lobbying and vote for SB147. Your calls to these Senate offices could make a significant difference.

Senate Business, Professions and Economic Development Committee Members

Curren Price (Chair) Los Angeles, Hollywood, West LA 916 651-4026

Bill Emmerson (Vice-Chair) Riverside County, 916 651-4037

Edward Hernandez Los Angeles and San Gabriel Valley 916 651-4024

Lou Correa Anaheim and Santa Ana area 916 651-4034

Gloria Negrete McLeod San Bernardino area 916 651-4032

Juan Vargas San Diego, Riverside, Imperial County 916 651-4040

Mimi Walters Fullerton, Laguna Hills, Orange, Mission Viejo 916 651-4033

Mark Wyland North San Diego County 916 651-4038

Here are some quick talking points, but please do use your own words:

Please support SB 147 - The Consumer Choice Fire Safety Act - to maintain fire safety and give consumers th choice to buy furniture and baby products free of toxic or untested chemicals.

The chemicals enter our bodies from our furniture and are associated with cancer, lowered IQ, reproductive problems, thyroid impairments, endocrine disruption, and birth defects.

If you have any health concerns that could be linked to toxics in products, please express them.

There is no fire safety benefit from the current flammability standard.

This committee is the toughest hurdle for SB147 which has a good chance of passing if it can make it through the hearing on Monday. Your calls will help reduce the impact of chemical industry money and influence.

Thanks in advance for your visits, calls and ideas. Ana and I are happy to answer your questions

Kind regards,
Ana and Arlene

Ana MascareƱas Policy & Communications Coordinator
Physicians for Social Responsibility - Los Angeles (PSR-LA)
617 S. Olive St., Ste. 200, Los Angeles, CA 90014
office 213-689-9170 cell 323-743-3241

Arlene Blum PhD
Visiting Scholar, Chemistry
University of California, Berkeley
Executive Director, Green Science Policy Institute
Telephone: 510 644-3164 Mobile: 510 919-6363

The Green Science Policy Institute provides unbiased scientific information to government, industry, and non-governmental organizations to facilitate more informed decision-making about chemicals used in consumer products in order to protect health and environment world-wide.

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Hardware Bob said...

An absolutely important issue for your family, children, pets, and your own health.

Do call your representatives and let them know you support SB147.

Get involved,if just for yourself, toxic flame retardants are silent killers.