Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Bass Lake Fireworks Show 2013

Tall Trees around Bass Lake at Sunset

 We parked our cars and hiked down the road past The Forks restaurant and bar, carrying our folding chairs, blankets, etc down to the lake. We trudged through the tall grass and weeds to find a suitable spot off the path, but with a clear view of the upcoming show that was to happen high in the sky over the water.

Kids ran around us playing with those glow in the dark neon colored rings and other light-up toys. Adults talked, drank beer and smoked whatever. A hubbub of sounds. Everyone waiting for the annual fireworks show to begin.

Starburst in the Night Sky ~ Ooooh!

The show started slowly, then picked up speed as the night went on.

Big Bang! Then beautiful Flower Burst! ~ Aaaah!

And then the finale of the evening:

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