Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bass Lake Farmers Market ~ Wednesday Evenings

Booths at Bass Lake Farmers Market

This summer on Wednesday evenings through mid-September, there will be a farmers market happening at the Pines Village in Bass Lake. The booths are located in front of Good Ol' Daze. Admission is free for visitors.

We went to check it out one Wednesday evening in June and found just a handful of booths, but many visitors and a lot of fresh produce and flowers for sale. Everyone looked like they were having a great time.

Here are some scenes from the Bass Lake Farmers Market:

Lettuce and Greens for Sale

Organically Grown Flowers

Flowers from North Fork's "Three Springs Flower Garden"

Musical Entertainment

Crowd around the Vegetable Booth

Busy Shoppers ~ Lots of Fresh Veggies

Fresh Summer Squash & Peppers ~ cute young girl

Green Onions & Basil ~ fresh herbs piled high

Fresh Chard in many colors, Collards, Kale & Carrots

A nice and healthy way to spend an evening outdoors!

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Hardware Bob said...

Fabulous photos, I was guaranteed the veggies were organic, not certified due to the cost of organic registration, but still organic.

The booths looks fabulous, better artistic displays than most grocery stores. The veggies were fresh looking, and there were piles of them, and lots of buying going on.

The locally grown flowers were very colorful to. It's great to have farmers markets like this in our mountain community.

Chuck Nugent said...

Thanx much for your great write up on our event. It was great.. I will post a link to the site on our next email blast. Come again soon .. Chuck Nugent

Farmer Jen said...

Hi Chuck,
Thanks so much for visiting our NF News Blog and leaving a nice comment. Posting a link to our community blog from your Good Ole Daze website would be great!

If we do another blog post about the Farmers Market this season, I will be sure to include your website link in it now that I have it.