Sunday, March 2, 2008

Local Weather & Events Info

North Fork Foggy View

The photo above was taken last week at the 3000 ft elevation here in North Fork when it was cold, wet and foggy out there. The outlook for the coming week is predicted to be slightly warmer and slightly sunnier with sunny to partly cloudy weather predicted all week long.

I can only tell you about two community events this week as those are the only events about which I have information right now. The first one is the monthly North Fork Chamber of Commerce Board Meeting, which is scheduled for this Thursday, March 6th at 7am in the Buckhorn Saloon.

The second is the 4th Annual Young Masters Fine Art Gallery Show, which is scheduled for Saturday & Sunday March 8th & 9th in Kennedy Hall at North Fork School. Contact phone number for more information is 877-2996. From the flyer I saw, it looks like the North Fork Arts Council is supporting and/or sponsoring this event, but I am not sure of that.

Have a wonderful week everybody!

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