Monday, March 24, 2008

New Life in North Fork

As promised, I am reporting back on the nest building activities under the old weathered roof shake near the corner of my building.

I check daily for activity by the knothole entrance to the nest, but not much has been happening until just recently. A couple of days ago I noticed a tangled remnant of yarn stuffed into the very edge of the knothole. Work on the nest construction has obviously commenced.

Evidence of springtime is everywhere you look. The earth is warming, the tulips in my wine barrel at home are about to explode into blossom, the redbud trees in downtown North Fork will be ablaze with crimson blossoms, and tiny green leaves on the now barren oak trees will be unfolding soon.

Today, when I arrived to open my business, I looked again for any activity near the nest entrance. And, there perched in the redbud tree, just under the knothole, were Mom & Dad sparrow chirping excitedly to each other. One sparrow was slightly built and colorful, the other more rounded and plain. They were obviously partners about to put together a family, and they were checking out the neighborhood.

The sparrows seemed to trust me, so I slowly moved a little closer to get a picture of them chattering at each other. They have just started the nest construction and there will be many more trips back and forth. I may even help them this year by hanging some string and yarn in the tree.

In a few weeks there will be barely audible peeping sounds coming from under that old shake, and tiny feathered heads bobbing up and down under the edge of the roof. I love how nature’s story unfolds right in front of me.

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Farmer Jen said...

That is a beautiful photo of Mama and Daddy sparrow. Amazing that they let you get so close. Very nice.

Jean Ann said...

Glad I found your blog...will keep checking back...