Monday, March 31, 2008

Remembering Cynthia

Memory Table

Yesterday's gathering to celebrate Cynthia Loweburg's life was very well attended. Town Hall was filled with people greeting each other, hugging, talking and eating the varied and abundant potluck dishes. Everyone was sharing memories of Cynthia and how she touched their lives. Many stories brought tears and also joy and laughter. Don and his family led the hall in a wonderful chorus of Row Row Row Your Boat that rolled through the crowd and lingered on the air like mist on the ocean. Their strength and love was an inspiration to all of us. Josh Freeman's video and slideshow presentation captured some of the most beautiful glimpses of Cynthia's life. Many people contributed photos for that presentation. Good work everyone. Love and light filled the room, and Cynthia's spirit was definitely with us.

Above is a photo of the memory table. Below are a few more snapshots. It was too crowded in there to really take many photos. Besides, I was too busy being present in the moment to worry about using my camera.

Some of the many who attended

Just some of the flowers ~ there were many bouquets

Photo Collage

We love you Cynthia. We know you are still here in the mountains.

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1 comment:

Hardware Bob said...

Nicely done, well written and the photos were perfect.

Cynthia was there with us, and I am also sure she was truly amazed at how many people she had touched in this life.

I can see her hands against her cheeks saying oh my gosh I just never would have imagined I had so many friends.